We believe in taking care of the soil while being environmentally friendly to our earth.  We use variable rate technology to deliver the right nutrients in the amount needed and maximizing our placement where the plants can use them the best.  We also use GPS guidance system with auto steer.  This helps us reduce carbon emissions, less fuel and have accurate plant placement throughout each field.  We farm with a modern line of equipment that let us perform field operations in a timely manner.  The latest seed and herbicide technology coupled with our own on farm research is used to achieve maximum yields.  We feel it is a combination of many practices to achieve a profitable yield.  

One of those practices is using cover crops to increase the organic matter content and preserve our top soil from eroding away.  We also use cover crops to scavenge nutrients, increase water filtration, improve soil health and biological activity.  We have used several different mixes and rates depending on what our goals are for each field we farm.  We use a combination of cereal rye, radishes, canola, crimson clover, winter peas or spring oats.  

Another practice that we use is no-till.  We believe that less disturbance of the soil is better.  Sometimes we have to slowly convert a farm over to no-till by removing compacted soil layers.  No-till is an evolution and varies by how quickly you can achieve no disturbance based on condition of each field.  Our goal is to have 100% of our acres become no-till acres.    

Farming Practices