Starting from scratch is no easy feat.  We take the responsibility of farming others' land to heart.  We treat all farmland like we want our own to be treated.  We take steps to insure the integrity of every field and leave the land in better condition than when we started farming it.  

We also like to have an open line of communication and a close relationship with our landowners.  This includes a yearly meeting discussing what we accomplished on their farm and plans for the upcoming year.  We encourage landowners to take an interest in what we do on their farm.

We are Christians who thank the Lord for all we have been able to accomplish, live our life to the best of our ability and treat the land that we farm with respect. It is a finite resource. 

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with us or interested in Rock Creek Farms farming your land please click on the contact page and fill out your information.  We will set up a meeting and see if we can help you with your land goals.  

Thank you for taking time to learn more about us.